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A pub has sat on the site of The Sheep & Penguin for centuries, and having previously been closed for over 10 years, Nick and his family have brought a new lease of life to this historic little corner of Wells, and have revived the pub to its former glory.

Over the course of the past few years, we've meticulously renovated the pub, and its accompanying rooms and Mews houses, to the highest standards, and we hope you love it as much as we do! We're passionate about creating a real community hub for locals and visitors alike, bringing a taste of classic British pubs that we all know and love, whilst elevating our standards of food, drink, and service to bring you a little bit of affordable luxury. 





Headed up by General Manager Jan, and Head Chef Richard, we've created a food and drink menu which showcases the best of local and beyond. We source as much of our produce as possible from local suppliers, ensuring our food is flavour-packed and seasonal. This culinary experience is perfectly complemented by our carefully curated wine selection or one of the many expertly crafted cocktails!

Local, seasonal and packed full of flavour...

A touch of affordable luxury...

Attention to detail at The Sheep & Penguin is key, be it the Feather & Black beds in our beautiful boutique bedrooms, or the inspiration from dishes across the world in our menu, and we're committed to creating a space for everyone to enjoy great food, drink and company.

And as for the name? After much deliberation we were inspired by our old neighbours, the famous Falkland Island Agency shop, and took the classic approach of combining two animals, and what are there plenty of on the Falkland Islands? Sheep and Penguins! We haven't confirmed it, but we're fairly sure we might be the only one in the world! 

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